Sneakers that are always in fashion

How many pairs of sneakers do you buy each year? Surely you always fall into the temptation and end up buying at least two or three pairs to be able to combine it with fashionable clothes. No matter how many sneakers you have in your wardrobe, you will be missing the fashionable color, the model that is a trend this year or, simply, the sneakers you buy from one year to the next are so deteriorated that it is best to throw them away.

The current proposal that many groups are carrying out is to bet on sustainable shoes that are respectful of nature but also last for many years and are always in force regardless of the fashions that may come and go each year. A revolution against throwaway that has been the trend in recent times.

Sustainable shoes, to begin with, are made with materials that do not pollute. This means that they are made with products that can be recycled. When the shoes are finally out of date, they can be recycled and turned into other things. But the validity of the shoes is going to remain well beyond one season.

These types of shoes are made in beautiful designs, but at the same time timeless, apart from the most strident fashions. And in neutral tones very easy to combine with all kinds of clothes. Without attractive, beautiful, comfortable and very functional sneakers that you can wear with practically all your clothes without problems of not combining.

At the same time, we find sneakers made of very resistant and high quality materials. So they will last a long time. These types of materials adapt to your foot and, far from what happens with some of the shoes that are currently on the market, they do not break just when they begin to be more comfortable. Rather, its duration is guaranteed for a long time.

They are shoes that can even be inherited between siblings, something that in recent times does not happen as much as before because clothes and footwear are designed to last for a very short time, something that is not sustainable at all.

If we want to conserve our planet, the world of fashion has to change and sustainable sneakers are just one more step towards a totally sustainable fashion, with garments that endure the passage of time and that do not necessarily have to be changed every season because they stay out of date.