A Dream in Two Parts 

He had finished law school, but had no enthusiasm for practicing. I started that career by family tradition but what I liked was fashion. So I packed the bag and studied fashion design for two years. It didn’t take me long to start working in the shoemaking sector, the one that appealed to me the most.

Everything was going too fast and I found myself opening my own shop where I would also sell some of my own designs. But that adventure ended too soon because the crisis caught us head-on. And so I was a few years out of the fashion business, taking advantage of my training in law. But the bug kept biting me, and I told myself I was going to try again. And here I am, putting the last wickers of my dream in two parts.

But this time I’ll make it all a little more modest, at least to begin with. Instead of a store I have a showroom and I sell mostly online. Despite this, I have reworked the image a lot with a new logo for the firm that decorates both the showroom and accessories. From my former collaborators I have taken the opportunity to get in touch with the Twisted Paper manufacturer who helped me with the paper bags. Because it is one thing to be modest and another not to be detailed.

I remember when I first opened the shoe store I put so much effort into the collection that I left some things a bit to chance. The economic part I did not work as I should have done and, little by little, I got into something that was unsustainable. And it is that everything counts when you open a business, from the cost of the bags of the Twisted Paper manufacturer to the sofas that decorate the store.

I hope this occasion is different. I know that the situation is difficult again, but that is why I have opted directly for the sale using digital channels apart from the sample that I will have periodically in the showroom. I trust that this time my dream really comes to fruition.