3 types of jewelery cords 

Making jewelry at home is a fun practice that also allows you to design your own decorations and combine them with your favorite clothes. It is a way to give way to creativity and, for some people, even a source of income by selling their creations on specialized pages for artisans.

There are also specialized pages on all kinds of beads and pieces to create jewelry. But other materials that are essential for this type of creations are also necessary, such as laces. There are a wide variety of types of jewelry cords, among which we can highlight three that are the most widely used.

Rubber cords for necklaces: Rubber cords are perfect for making all kinds of necklaces and chokers. They can be worn knotted, a very comfortable and economical solution when it comes to long necklaces that can be removed and put on without having to untie each time. But you can also put silver or other material closures so that they can be opened and closed easily. This type of necklaces allow a lot of variations and these rubber cords can even be used to make matching bracelets.

Elastic cords for bracelets: These cords allow you to make very basic bracelets that are usually intended for children or that are worn mainly in summer. All kinds of fancy beads can be inserted into the elastic cord and you get a bracelet that, once finished, is very easy to put on and take off and is also waterproof. It is perfect even for reusing beads from other pieces of jewelry that may have been broken, creating a new piece. They can be for both men and women depending on the type of pieces that are threaded. For example, for men’s bracelets, metal and wooden pieces are the most common. In the case of bracelets for women and children, pieces of glass or colored plastics are usually very successful.

Thread cords for knot jewelry: It is another variety of jewelry. These are bracelets and ornaments such as brooches made with cords tied together. All kinds of drawings are achieved by joining different colors and even very decorative figures for brooches are shaped. These laces are worked by very different methods, knotting alone or even combining knots with other techniques such as crochet.

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